Chile Position Officially Accepted!

Over a month ago, Elise and I decided to reach out to the WELS Kingdom Workers about a position in Linares, Chile. We contacted them and we were immediately impressed by their mission focused attitude. The Kingdom Workers answered all of our questions we had and offered us the position to help the church in Chile along with teaching in a public school four days per week. When the disciples were told to follow Jesus, I never really understood, not can I still fully comprehend, the significance of Jesus saying not to look back. I can’t imagine what I would have done in that situation while leaving my family, friends and all of my possessions. This was honestly one of my hardest things to do. Not that we have a lot of stuff but to give what we have up and move away from family is extremely difficult for me. It is with that difficulty in mind that we pressed on to our goal of a new opportunity to share Jesus with people who have never been told about Him. Who doesn’t want to do that? We are looking forward to our trip not for the mountains, or new job but really just to tell people about Jesus. We are very excited for this new opportunity and pray that God blesses our ministry in South America.

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