Personas de Chile: Pamela

Chile, one story at a time.

Pamela is a beautiful 44 year-old woman. She works at a frozen food factory near the church in Linares and has two 16 year-old twin girls.

“I noticed the sign outside the church door that advertised English classes, and I was interested.


During English classes, I learned more about the Lutheran church. I carry a heavy load and had been looking for a church. I went to many many churches but they always seemed to make my load heavier.

I am passionate about my daughters and their relationship with God so I talked with Pastor Tim. I left feeling lighter. Now I take classes with Pastor Tim and will be a member in September. It will be my spiritual birthday!  

My favorite thing about the Lutheran church is that it emphasizes grace and salvation. I love reading the Bible, and the love the words I hear in the sermons on Sundays. I also love the feel here; it is like a family.”

3 thoughts on “Personas de Chile: Pamela

    1. Hey Harold! Thanks for following us and thanks again for your donation to the mission in Chile. I just added Lois to the email for our blog so she should be getting them from now on. Let me know if you have any other questions and God bless!



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