Personas de Chile Chile, one story at a time.

Personas de Chile Chile, one story at a time.

Luciano is a sociable, intelligent, and funny 22-year-old Chilean with surprisingly good English. He is currently studying in college and walks an hour to church on Sunday. I was excited to interview Luciano over sushi and tea when he stopped by one night.

“I am 22 and am going to college in Talca (a nearby city) for my career in law. I am
also working right now to help my mom. I am OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa lawyer’s assistant. It sounds cool, but it really isn’t. Lots of papers, BUT my boss is very nice. She is like a man. She is a tough woman!

 I like to read a lot. I like dramas and Literature Negra. Literatura Negra is books that have detectives like Sherlock Holmes. I also like to cook and to learn languages. I learned English from talking with my German and Swedish friends in south Chile. I was 10-years-old. I’m not shy. I introduce myself ‘Hi I’m Luciano!’ and start talking. We spoke English because they couldn’t speak Spanish. One day I would like to live in Sweden because they are a very friendly people.

Chileans have very very bad Spanish, but we love foreigners! We especially like Americans. Many Americans sound like Mexicans when they talk, but that is okay! We like Mexico too because they get along with America…well apart from the immigration thing.

One day I was driving and saw the Lutheran Church sign. My Swedish and German friends were Lutheran so I knew a little bit about it. I went on Sunday. I decided to stay because the church is really friendly! I am taking classes now.

 Lutheran is strange for me because most of my family is atheist and everyone here is Catholic. I feel stupid sometimes because there are things I should know, but I do not… like how to celebrate Christmas. For me is was just ‘here, here is a gift.’

I like Lutheran because it helps me to see from another perspective and to make other opinions. It makes you think and care about people. My school teaches me to think just about my client when I am a lawyer, but now I think ‘what about the other clients?’

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