Saved: “It’s My Spiritual Birthday!”

Saved: “It’s My Spiritual Birthday!”

But His favorite song of all
Is the song of the redeemed
When lost sinners now made clean
Lift their voices loud and strong
When those purchased by His blood
Lift to Him a song of love
Nothing more He’d rather hear
That’s more pleasing to His ear
It’s His favorite song of all

Growing up I LOVED this song by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and would regularly dance and sing to it while doing the dishes. Not only are the words and music powerful, but I just adored the thought that God’s favorite thing is listening to sinners rejoice because of His grace. Listen for yourself here:

Recently, I had this song on repeat in my head because it was Pamela’s confirmation or her self-declared “spiritual birthday!”

I hope you remember Pamela, a woman at my church who I interviewed a couple weeks ago. If not, click here for a quick story of Pamela told in her words: Pamela is thirsty to learn more about her Lord, and to say that she was excited to be confirmed is a complete understatement.

                    Meet Pamela!

When I first met Pamela, she was beyond happy to share with me how joyful she is to know the true Lord. She had searched high and low for something to hold onto and described other religions as making her feel “heavier.” Her joy in knowing His grace is clearly evident and she had been looking forward to her “spiritual birthday” or confirmation for sometime now.

I like to think that her joy was God’s most recent favorite song!

The service was held on Saturday because then special visitors would be able to attend, including Steve Peterson and Tom Hein from the ELS Mission Board! Pastor Tim was in also in Linares and preached for the special occasion. It was a wonderful and joyful service that began with an asado (Chilean Barbecue), continued with Pamela declaring her faith, and ended very late in the evening after much fellowship.

Check out that meat! (Fun Fact: best way to light a grill is to put in the coal with the bag and then light the bag on fire) 
      Getting everything set up
“Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2: 46-47

Just like worship anywhere in the world, special occasions at church are especially wonderful because they bring visitors into the church. This service filled the church with members and visitors so much so that extra chairs had to be brought in! Pamela brought many friends and family, including her two daughters, to not only share her joy with them but also to share what this “confirmation thing” is all about. 

Pastor preached about the importance of confirmation and encouraged others to take classes in order to dig into the promises of God. The congregation loudly sang a special hymn picked by Pamela herself, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” How incredible it is to think of how many believers, including Pamela, that are spread all over the world!

                   Pamela and Pastor Tim
                                A full house!
                Candid moments and happiness

When thinking about Pamela’s story, it is incredible to realize the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Pamela was searching and through her English classes, her English teacher Chelsea, and bible classes with Pastor, she found clear and beautiful answers. This was no coincidence! The Holy Spirit used the opportunity of English classes and people in the Linares church to bring Pamela closer to her Lord!

Pamela’s story should be a reminder to us all of the power of simple conversations, the work place, and sharing Jesus with others. You never know when the Holy Spirit might be using YOU to bring someone else closer to their Savior.

I think of Jenny’s fellow teacher, who came to church the same Sunday Pamela was confirmed because he was having a difficult time and Jenny shared God’s words of comfort with him. He now wants to know more about what this “God” is all about! I think about the several people who have asked us about and signed up for English classes with Chelsea at the church and the incredible potential there is for them to learn more than just English. I think about others who ask about our church and its teachings. I think about Pamela’s two beautiful daughters and the opportunity for them to be a part of the upcoming youth group get-togethers.

There are so many opportunities in EACH of our lives to share Christ with someone who desperately needs Him! Seize opportunities!

With the Holy Spirit’s power, let’s keep God smiling as more of his favorite songs are played. 🙂

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