Es Fácil: Share Jesus

Es Fácil: Share Christ


Sometimes the easiest things are the absolute hardest.

Technically it is easy to sit up, to swing your legs over, and to get up out of bed in the morning. However, it is also easy to hit that beautiful snooze button and to believe that sleeping in 10 minute intervals will actually make you feel more rested.

Technically it is easy to mop the floor. However, a good sweep does the job right? (It has been three days since I decided that I needed to mop the floor)

Technically it is easy to cook. However, when your husband cooks so much better than you it’s your obligation to let him show off right? (I am typing this while smelling wings…yum!)

Technically it is easy to go on a walk or run. However, there is just too much to do. I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day for it!

One more: Technically it is easy to share Jesus with others. However, …

Some things in life are just so easy that they are difficult! Embarrassingly so. Recently, I have been thinking about how true that is of our faith. Sometimes it seems so out of reach to share Jesus with others when it actually should be quite easy.

Doing mission in Chile has given me some time to reflect and allowed me to realize some things that I wish I knew before about mission work and sharing Jesus.

1. Jesus is easy to share! 

One day a lady at my school asked me to tell her what I believe. I was shocked to realize that I could articulate EVERYTHING about my faith using my limited Spanish skills. Grace alone. Faith alone. Scripture alone. He died so that I could live, and now I want to live for Him and to share His promises. I walked away from that conversation rocked by how simple sharing faith is … even in a second language.

On Sunday, I sat behind Pamela at church. She had brought a friend with her. While singing the liturgy, I noticed her lean over and whisper, “I love this part!” Again, I was shocked to realize how easy it was for Pamela to share Jesus with a friend. She simply shared and emphasized a song she loved.

So many of us are blessed to live in countries where it is not dangerous to share Jesus and where there are countless opportunities to do so. How often I think that I need to have the perfect words, knowledge, or opportunities and how untrue!

A simple faith is an easy one to share. In Christ Alone!

2. You do not need to move to another country to share Jesus

So many people have reached out to us to express how excited they are that we can be in Chile. Some have even shared that they wish they could do the same! While it is WONDERFUL to be supported and encouraged by others, it is also important to realize that we all live in an active mission field. We all interact daily with people who need to hear about their Lord and Savior.

For some reason, sharing Jesus is magnified more when in a different country. I personally believe that this is because it is written in the job description. Right now our job description actually says that we are here to support the church. I feel blessed to have a job that prioritizes sharing Jesus!

HOWEVER, this could be true for anyone. I think about Julianne Condia who currently works as a teacher at St. Marcus and who is also a fitness coach. A big part of her coaching is encouraging her team through social media. I smile when I see Julianne’s posts because not only does she encourage her team to workout or to eat right, but she constantly shares bible passages, quotes, and personal statements about where your true motivation comes from and how perfect you already are in Christ. She has personally put sharing Jesus at the top of her job description.

I also think of my mom who battled cancer for 4 years. She couldn’t have a job and certainly couldn’t move to another country, but she could and did share Jesus with everyone she came into contact with. She put sharing Jesus first.

You don’t need to move to another country to share Jesus! in fact, he probably wants to use you right where you are.

One of Julianne’s posts

3. God knows we can’t be perfect. He just wants us to be faithful. 

Once you put sharing Jesus at the top of your agenda, it might be easy to fall into the mindset that you are not doing enough. The reality is, you are not perfect! You will fall into periods when something else takes priority in your life, or when you say the wrong thing, or when you think you missed an opportunity to let your light shine. Maybe you fall into thinking that you don’t have the words or the personality.

Thank goodness we can take comfort in the fact that the Holy Spirit is always at work and continues to work through our strengths and weaknesses! We are not perfect but God is and His power always shines… even when you mess up.

We each daily have a Ministry of Presence. Smile, work hard, love others, and tell them why you have a purpose!

How comforting it is to know that God works through each of us. He uses both our strengths and weaknesses.

There are so many things in life that are technically simple but we make difficult. Don’t let Sharing Jesus be one of them!

Thank your for praying for and encouraging the mission here in Chile. We are praying for your mission as well!

2 thoughts on “Es Fácil: Share Jesus

  1. Marie

    I enjoy reading your blogs, thank you so very much for taking the time out and keeping us updated on your life in Chili, it is an amazing Journey for you two.

    Looking forward to the next blog.


    1. Thanks Marie! We love to share our stories with you and we are especially glad that you enjoy reading them. We hope you are doing well and helping lots of people at St. Marcus. God bless your week!


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