It’s a Wart!

It’s a Wart!

*I promise warts have a connection to what is going on here in Chile. Those with queasy stomachs keep reading!


Being a runner has many benefits. It also has some downfalls. One being the development of plantars warts. Okay, so I don’t know if running causes plantars warts, but warts in general are pretty gross so any excuse for having them is better than none!

This past week I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a treatment for the aforementioned problem with my foot. Jon and I quickly typed in “plantars wart” into a translator app and I began to explain my problem to the pharmacist. When he didn’t understand my “perfect pronunciation” I showed him the words on my phone. He then proceeded to tell me that I was wrong. After going back and forth for a while, I was pretty frustrated. I knew what a plantars wart was and I knew that I had one! The pharmacist kept repeating “It is not a wart.”

I was just about to whip off my shoe and put my foot up on the counter when he began to draw pictures for me on the back of a receipt. From what I could gather, I had used the wrong word. The word I used was for a wart that stuck up from the skin. A plantars wart is not called a wart in Spanish.

Once we discovered this misunderstanding, I declared that I wanted medicine for “that one” while pointing to one of the pictures he had drawn. He then responded, “Oh, we don’t have that one.”

Now, I know that I may have thoroughly grossed you out, but what I want to get across is how unsettling it is when someone tells you that you are wrong! It is especially frustrating when you know that you are right (well, right in English). “It is a wart!” “I know what a wart is.” “Yes, I know its a wart!”

At Youth Group this past weekend, the teens were faced with a similar situation where they were told they were wrong when they knew they were right. A box was passed around the circle, and each teen was asked to count the number of coins in the box. At the end, they were asked to reveal the number. Everyone declared that there were 10 coins, but one young lady insisted that there were nine! Finally, it was revealed that there actually were only 9 coins. One was sneakily removed before this young lady had her turn to count.

Now, in this situation and in my warty situation, both myself and the young lady remained pretty adamant in our beliefs. However, as the Youth Group discussed, sometimes it is pretty hard to be different and sometimes it is simply easier to conform to the beliefs of others. We continued the discussion by taking a look at this bible verse:

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing, and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

The teens here, like teens everywhere in the world, are surrounded by sin during an extremely impactful period of their lives. How important it is to stay rooted in the word and to know that although others might not believe you, God’s word is 100% accurate. We can be CONFIDENT in living for Him, even if the Christian life might look different than the lives of others.

Youth Group has a three-fold purpose. First and foremost, we desire the teens that come to develop a closer relationship with their Savior. Second, we want them to realize, appreciate, and seek out Christian friends and positive influences. Finally, we want them to invite others so that they too can also get to know their Savior.

We don’t necessary want the teens to leave Youth Group shouting “I have a wart!” but we do want them to walk away confident in knowing their Savior and excited to live their life for Him.

Ping Pong, snacks, and games in the backyard
Jenny is sitting next to Erika, my Chilean mom. Erika is a strong church member, a beautiful woman, and extremely passionate about raising youths in Christ. 
Somebody stole our camera and snapped a couple dozen pics of these cuties. 
Thanks to a little rain we moved inside for devotion.
Arie made some friends. 

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