Ready to Fail in 2016?

Ready to Fail in 2016? 

Hello, my name is Elise, and I am a planner. I adore my little
recycled notebook, making daily lists, and checking them twice. I am usually the cool person taking notes at every meeting and am constantly making goals or being mindful of deadlines.

Somedays, I am delighted to see the series of little checks next to
the action items in my notebook. Other days, I slyly move items to the
next page like they were supposed to be there in the first place. On
still other days, I almost cry because I realize that little to nothing
got checked off the list.

It’s confession time.

Recently, I have been having many day #3s. Just yesterday I stared at my
completely unfinished list and strongly considered ripping out the
page… all those people reading my planner don’t need to know that
this day existed right???

Man it is easy to make plans that fail. It is actually pretty
entertaining that I love my little notebook so much. In reality it is
a daily representation and reminder how how often I fail.

However, I continue writing in my little notebook because it is also a
representation of who I am and what I value. My action items list
tells me what is important in my life. My little lists remind me to
constantly evaluate my priorities. My failures or desires to rip out
the pages remind me of my weaknesses or that my plans are not always
the right plans. Days that things don’t get done remind me of my
Savior and the grace that I so need and that God’s perfect plan is
always in action.

Por ejemplo: Yesterday I was frustrated. School is closing up for the
summer, but teachers are still required to clock in hours. I had planned a
day of sitting at the computer busting out my action items…however… the internet at my school had different plans. I sat and fumed with
another teacher about the wasted time that was passing by. As we
impatiently waited for our webpages to download, the conversation turned
to religion. Two hours later I realized that not only had we had missed the normal lunch hour, but we had also covered really powerful topics like the significance of Mother Mary, grace, and what needs to be done to be saved (nothing!) It wasn’t until later that night that my grumpy self realized that even though my plans were a bust, the Holy Spirit was working hard.

I love making plans. They reveal my goals and priorities.

I am learning to love failing at my plans. My failures reveal my
Savior and refocus my life on His plan.

That page in my notebook from yesterday that I considered ripping
out? It’s still there. The list is crossed out and covered with the
words, God is always at work, and His plans never fail.

Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

There’s been no doubt that making plans has been on my mind thanks to the New Year being just around the corner and the fact that our Kingdom Workers team has been working hard on developing a 2016 Strategic Plan.
We pray for many successes and are excited to rejoice in the sharing of the
word in Chile! We also acknowledge that many things won’t go as planned but rejoice in knowing that God is always at work, and He will use both successes and failures for His glory!

Stayed tuned next week for a sneak peek into our team’s goals for 2016!

One thought on “Ready to Fail in 2016?

  1. Deanna Schneck

    Thanks for the reminder that our time is never wasted as long as we put it in God’s hands. I am so thankful for you and the work you are doing in Chile! Lots of love to you guys!!


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