A Reminder of What is Truly Important

A Reminder of What is Truly Important

So what do you do when you know you have a super busy week of Vacation Bible School coming up? You ask your recent visitors to write your blog for you that’s what!

This week I am feeling very thankful for Kali and Alana who took time to write down their experiences and feelings while here in Chile. Jon and I are very excited for you to see the mission here through another pair (or in this case “other pairs”) of eyes.

Take a look below to hear what Kali and Alana have to say about Chile!

Meet your writers for this week: Kali and Alana. Both ladies are currently studying education at Martin Luther College. They stayed with us for around 2 weeks and were able to see a lot of the mission here as well as some beautiful places in Chile! Here they are posing with some Sea Lions in the background. 


A Reflection by Kali and Alana

Handmade decorations, dancing, and fellowship. These three aspects brought the congregation in Linares together in ways that we never expected. When we first bought our plane tickets to Chile we had no idea what to expect. not only were we unfamiliar with the country, but also with mission work in general. The church in Linares taught us that even though we have a different language and culture, Christ brings all Christians together to glorify His name.

While writing this post we realized how hard it is for us to put everything we saw, felt, and experienced into words!

Jon and Elise were so excited for us to meet the congregation on Christmas Eve. On our way to church they explained to us the typical Chilean greeting – a kiss on the cheek! We both asked the question at the same time, “Is it awkward?!” After a little demo by Jon and Elise and a practice session, we were ready to meet new friends.

We arrived at church and were amazed by how welcoming everyone was. The Chilean greeting was not awkward at all and felt more personal than the handshake we were used to. Even though we did not know exactly what the members were saying, we were touched by their true joy at having visitors.

We often times get wrapped up in the traditional Sunday worship services. Now, these services are great, but then we thought to ourselves what if there was not a tradition to follow?

We were humbled to see the congregation come together to not only perform a Christmas skit, but also write it! How amazing is that! Because we are studying to become teachers, it was cool to see how they used their own supplies from home to make the service special. You don’t always have to buy things from the store! Although Linares has limited access to resources it was humbling to see the members let their lights shine throughout the service. We all came together and celebrated the birth of our Savior.

A few days after Christmas, we were invited to a house blessing for a church family. we had never heard of a house blessing and had no idea what to expect or who would come. Walking into the house we were shocked to see that almost the entire congregation was there! This was another truly humbling moment. Not only do they meet for church, but they also encourage each other in events outside of church.

We worshiped God with a house blessing service and ate together. After dinner was done, one of the congregation members convinced Alana that she had just eaten cat. Later in the night, Alana pulled me aside and asked me in we had really just eaten cat…. I just laughed!

Then, what a better way to end the night than with a dance party? We all squished together in the living room and danced to music in Spanish and English. It was so much fun bonding inside and outside of the church especially with the youth. Most of the time we couldn’t understand each other, but we found other ways to communicate through laughing, smiling, and LOTS of hand motions. This was just another reminder that we are all part of the body of Christ.

Seeing the church in Linares and meeting the congregation members was an experience that we will take with us forever. The church is small and informal, but they are so happy that they get to worship as a family together that none of the little things matter.

Sometimes we get caught up in what kind of flowers are on the altar, or what music is played that we can lose focus of the reason why we are in church. The church in Linares refocused our eyes on what’s truly important – giving glory to God! Handmade decorations, dancing, and fellowship brought us together.

Thank you for sharing the Chile mission with us Jon and Elise!

Thank you Lutheran Church in Linares for welcoming us into your church and your homes.

We cannot wait to visit again!


So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. Romans 12:5




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