Living Words: Donate a Book!

Living Words: Donate a Book!

True or False: During my first month in Chile I read 17 books.

And the answer is… TRUE!

When we first got to Chile it was in the middle of rainy cold winter. While Jon and Jenny could begin teaching right away – I was stuck at home thanks to problems with my paperwork. Apart from studying Spanish and wandering around our new town, many many books kept me company.

I have always been a book-lover. It is actually sometimes a curse. If I start reading a book, I often don’t put it down until it’s done.

Many of our members and new friends here love to read as well. One of the ladies that comes to our Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday nights was excited to share with me her precious books of Chilean Short Stories (she’s also excited to quiz me on them). Another young lady and friend, who is working on her English, likes to borrow Jenny’s kindle. A family at church are looking for some family devotions to go through together. Some of the men at church want to expand their biblical knowledge or even to study language to have a greater understanding of the Bible.

Throughout the past 6 months and with the help of some donors, we have realized what a blessing books can be for the ministry here!

Carla's Bible
The students and faculty of Zion Lutheran School sent down stacks of Spanish-English Bibles! Since we are English teachers, many of the people we know are excited to have an opportunity for more English practice. Others are happy to receive “my first bible!” They especially love to try to read and pronounce the names of the Zion students who signed each copy.
Many of our church prospects have young children. More recently we were able to share with them beautiful children’s bibles that were brought down with our family who visited for Christmas. It is wonderful to talk with these prospects in bible classes and then to give them a resource that helps them to share the word with their families as well.
The students and faculty of Zion Lutheran School also sent down some Spanish Catechisms. More recently, Jenny has been teaching Catechism to some of the youths at our church. When Pastor is able to visit Linares once a month, he can then work with the youth and see what they have learned. Hopefully we will have some youth, including this young man, getting confirmed soon!
There have been several times in conversations when we mention a book that is just wonderful but then realize that we do not have it in Spanish to share. Here is an example of a book that Jenny recently got to share with a prospect who loves to read. “Redeeming Love” is the story of God’s insane love and grace for us as told in the book of Hosea.
Here our puppies are modeling the beautiful gift of children’s English books that we received from Trinity Lutheran School! These books will be wonderful additions to our classrooms and are fun to use with people of all ages who are learning English.


Books are powerful. They educate. They transport readers to other worlds. They can draw out emotions and motivations. They provide a common base of knowledge for people to get together and discuss.

If that is the case with literature then how much more powerful is THE BOOK written by the Author and Perfecter and our faith?! The Bible and other literature written by Christian authors are wonderful ways to share grace with many of our Chilean church members and prospects.

 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword,it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrew 4:12


Jon, Jenny, and I have brainstormed many ideas of Christian literature that we believe could truly bless the ministry here. If YOU would like to be a part of this “Book Ministry” please contact us at – . We would LOVE to share our ideas or to hear some of yours.

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