We Can Stay!

We Can Stay!

My sister Emmy is a humble yet rocking business woman who successfully leads teams and trains others. Her “top secret” that she loves to share with other aspiring leaders is …

“Never underestimate a personal conversation. They only take a couple minutes, they are free, and they are POWERFUL!”

She is right.

Conversations are powerful, yet they are sadly often overlooked. A good personal conversation can help you build a relationship, give praise, receive feedback, and genuinely listen to someone else.

Our lives right now literally depend on our conversations and our relationships with the partnering schools that we teach in. We currently are able to stay in Chile thanks to work visas tied closely with our teaching contracts. It would be possible to find a way to stay here without our contracts, but they certainly make our lives and the visa application process much much easier!

Apart from the horror that is visa paperwork, our relationships with our schools are also and more importantly some of the many vehicles that the Holy Spirit can use to touch students, teachers, and parents.

This past week, the Vice President of Kingdom Workers visited the Chile Team for just this reason – the power of personal conversations.

I sadly don’t have a picture of his face, but this is Juan Garcia (VP of Kingdom Workers). Here an English student is telling him, “I am six years old.” 


Juan arrived on a Tuesday morning and masterfully survived a jam-packed schedule until he left on Friday night. He met with the Chilean vicars, Pastor Erickson and his wife, some members of our congregation, leadership in the Department of Education, the mayor of Longavi, the director of the schools in Longavi, the directors in each of the schools that Kingdom Workers is partnered with, and the teachers that we work with. And throughout all that he still had energy to keep a smile on his face and even take us out to dinner!

The meetings were productive and positive, and we are excited to be able to continue serving in Chile. But even more so than the positive feedback, we were truly blessed to have Juan with us to spiritually encourage and guide us. If personal conversations are powerful — then how much more so when they are personal conversations with Christ at their center! 

It is interesting and perfect how God uses each person to serve in His kingdom. Jon and I were able to move to Chile. Others are able to donate financially so that we can continue to live and serve here. And Juan was able to use his background in negotiating and Spanish to foster the Kingdom Workers Chile Program. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have the mind of God to see all these interacting moving pieces?

Juan’s visit was truly a blessing.

God is always at work, and we are thankful that He is allowing us to have this role at this time.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as the Kingdom Workers Chile Program continues to develop and grow!

Jon with his students at Los Cristales. 
Jenny with her students and English teacher at La Unificada. 
Me and my goofy fourth grade boys. 




2 thoughts on “We Can Stay!

    1. Keya, thanks so much for your kind words. We are truly blessed to be here and appreciate you keeping up with what we are doing. Your work is also important, keep living your faith!


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