We Like Sheep

*Below is a 300 word mission story and picture that we put together for a competition. Winning would mean that $1,000 dollars would be donated to the Linares mission! Not winning would mean that we still got to share this story with you. Now that’s a #winwin situation! 


We Like Sheep

The actors stumbled to the center of the playground. Little ladies with head scarfs and bright aprons ran to take a seat at the staged tables. Tough cowboys in hats and plaid sprinted toward the makeshift sheep pen. The crowd giggled and began to snap pictures as little bleating fluff balls came crawling onto the scene. A teary-eyed lamb stood crying on the side. The music began.

The audience watched as the kindergarten class acted out the wool making process of Southern Chile. Laughter rose as the cowboys chased down each sheep, sheered them with scissors, and proudly presented the wool to the little ladies. The act ended with applause as the kindergarteners presented wool scarfs, sweaters, and blankets.

The children of rural Chile live their lives closely connected to the earth. Many grow up on small farms where picking raspberries is the typical summer job and horses are still used to plow the fields. In the country communities, it is rare for parents to have graduated from high school or even the eighth grade. For many families, the idea of English classes being offered in local schools is an unbelievable experience that could have immense benefits.

English classes are also opportunities to impact lives eternally. Each class and conversation serve as potential vehicles that the Holy Spirit may use to the glory of God. A prayer, a kind word, or a bible story shared may allow students, families, and teachers to know about the Great Shepherd who gave His life for His children.

The Chile Mission is the desire for those little Chilean actors to stand up and proudly declare, “Know that the LORD is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture” (Psalm 100:3).






2 thoughts on “We Like Sheep

  1. joy lyn rehm

    After trying to have k4s act out Bible stories, I know what an amazing feat this play must have been! I would have loved to see them acting out the wool process! So precious are all of God’s children! Your work is priceless!


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