When Good Friends Visit

When Good Friends Visit

This blog post is a SHOUT OUT to our wonderful friends who took on a grand adventure and just spent two weeks in Chile!

Josh and Leah,

We love you and are so thankful that you came to experience Chile! It was special for us that you were able to see many cool things, but also that you wanted to spend some time with us and with the church members in our little town. Thanks for being willing to hop on any bus we put you on and to hike nine miles in very very very wet jeans! We hope you enjoyed your time here because we sure did! We will always remember you now when taking a sip of our delicious coffee, playing trains, or snapping a picture on the beast. 

Much Love, 

Jon, Elise, Arie, and Colie (who was so sad that you left she decided to demolish the living room, our “Go South” book, and the Milwaukee Tool bottle opener) 

Below are pictures of Leah and Josh’s time here. Hopefully they will inspire you to come visit too!

We picked Leah and Josh up from the airport on Friday morning. After dropping their luggage off at a “hotel” we started our exploration of Santiago in the beautiful plaza.
The inside of the Cathedral that was built throughout the late 1700s.
Plazas usually are the life of a city. On this day there was live music and artists painting. Josh and Leah scored some gorgeous artwork!
We then walked over to see the La Moneda Palace\. (Notice what amazing weather it was! We got so lucky because in the following week parts of Santiago would be flooded and without drinkable water thanks to days of rain)



Unknowingly, Leah and Josh booked a place to stay in prime location right next to “the hill” (Cerro Santa Lucía). Cerro Santa Lucía is a famous lookout point in the center of Santiago with remnants of old forts and castles. A canon still goes off from the top of the hill every day marking that it is noon.
We actually had to pull out some sunscreen!
We then headed over to the gorgeous Bellavista neighborhood to find a place to eat dinner.
If you live in a city as beautiful as Santiago then why not paint it on a house?
As we were walking around Bellavista looking for a restaurant, we notice that there was no line for the “not Jesus” (Cerro San Cristobal) gondola! We made an impromptu decision and hopped on. #worthit #sunsetoverthecity
And this was the view of the coastal range on the way up. God is amazing!
And the view of the Andes. The building on the left is actually the tallest building in South America!
“On a hill far away, stood an old rugged cross”
Just amazing
Our luck continued as we stumbled upon this beautiful roof-top restaurant to end and celebrate Leah and Josh’s first day in Chile.
The next morning we took a long walk through Santiago’s parks looking for the Central Market which then happened to be on the other side of town. Whoops!
But we didn’t care because it was another beautiful day and the trees were starting to change colors.
We found delicious campo eggs and cortados!
We finally got to the Central Market which ended up being a whole lot of fish.
Later that day we took a bus back to our home town of Linares which is four hours south. It was fun introducing Leah and Josh to our neighborhood and to our puppies! This is the park by our house that we always go to. 
We spent Sunday at church and then going out to eat with Pastor and Ellen and some friends. The members were excited to see Josh and Leah and prayed for them to have safe and fun travels while in Chile. 

On Sunday night we shipped Josh and Leah off on a night bus to spend a week in the south. They were awesome and unafraid to go exploring without us. Here are a couple of the pictures they sent us while adventuring in the south.

Sunrise over Volcan Osorno in Puerto Varas
From Puerto Varas they rented a car and drove to the island of Chiloé where they captured this sunset. 
Good morning on the beautiful magical island of Chiloé!
Because of their prime camping spot they were the first ones to arrive at the wharf of souls – my personal favorite sport that I have ever been to. 
It just doesn’t get any prettier.


One of the wooden churches of Chiloé – a World Heritage Site
Chiloé is famous for its stilt houses. Josh and Leah actually got to stay in one for the night and this was their view!
I think they liked the south. (= 
Leah and Josh traveled back to Linares to spend another weekend with us! We found a little cabin in the Andes Mountains and stayed up late into the night listening to the rain and playing our favorite game ever: Trains. 
We spent the next day hiking in the Andes in the rain.
Sadly the sun never peaked out but it was an erie beautiful.


This pic is dedicated to Josh…who hiked 9 miles…in very wet jeans and Walmart shoes. 
After church on Sunday we took a little drive into the mountains near to our town. Josh successfully taught Jon how to master stick shift. (a needed skill since almost all the cars here are manual) 
But before we hit the mountains Josh and Leah had to experience their first completo (Chilean hot dog) 
Fall in the vineyards and foothills
Driving into the Andes on a rainy day was actually one of the prettiest drives I have ever experienced. 


Photo shoot time – on the edge of the world
What a good looking couple!
Meanwhile… this is what Jon and I look like trying to capture an artsy foot picture
We were hoping to drive into Argentina but the boarder was closed thanks to fresh snow. 
But it was a gorgeous Sunday drive nonetheless 
Shout out to our KIA Morning that made it all possible even on her itsy bitsy tires. 
Fall colors
We ended Josh and Leah’s stay in Linares with a huge Chilean meat dinner! The next morning they headed to a port city in the north and then flew home several days later. 
We loved having you here Josh and Leah! 

One thought on “When Good Friends Visit

  1. Leah Adams

    We loved loved loved our time in Chile!

    Everyone should go there!! (Seriously)

    Thanks for being such awesome hosts and giving us the inside scoop for our adventures. We had such a great time experiencing Chilean life and hanging out with you! Josh wants you to know that we will have another bottle opener ready for you when you visit in July- silly Colie! Most importantly, thanks for sharing your ministry with us- your Church has so much energy and strong community- an awesome blessing!

    Much love and prayers,
    Leah and Josh


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