What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting

What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting

Life has been busy lately! … and this blog is going to be a reflection of that.

My logical and theme-based mind is exploding as I type this mis-mash of randoms. However, I have convinced myself that if my writing accurately reflects our life then I am forgiven. Right?

Here it goes! The mis-mash of randoms that have made up our lives recently.


1. What to expect when you’re not expecting  

Día de la Madre (Mother’s Day) was HUGE! Not only was it celebrated on May 8, but my school also had a huge act or ceremony for it in which all the classes presented something special for their moms.

It is very important to always decorate the stage for every act that we have. Teachers and assistants spend many hours getting it ready for the big day. 
A special dance put on by the second grade. (True or False: they danced to Justin Bieber in English) 
My co-teacher Paula organized a presentation where her homeroom said a poem in English and in Spanish. They did a wonderful job!
All the moms got special little handmade gifts and cake after the act. 
8th graders showing off their singing skills. 
The little ones always have very elaborate skits with adorable costumes and props. 

We also celebrated Mother’s Day at church with little gifts, flowers, and sweets after the Sunday service. One of the youth of the congregation prepared and presented a little speech thanking the moms, grandmas, and aunts for the many things that they do but most importantly for sharing Jesus. Sadly, we didn’t get any pictures of this because honestly we were just having too much fun experiencing it!

Mother’s day for me brought on a full out attack of the “pregnancy/children” questions and advice. Never in my life have I been questioned more about having kids or lectured on the importance of having kids. I quickly began to perfect my responses:

Seemingly 1 million people: Are you pregnant?     or      Do you have kids?

Me:(shocked face) How did you know?        or     Yes! I have 3 puppies and love them dearly.

Our church members did get a pretty good laugh on Sunday imagining what our kids would look like. They settled on declaring their desire for “little matchsticks” to be running around the church.


2. Bible Classes: Even though some adjustments have been made, the Men’s and Women’s Bible Classes are still going strong! The women now get together once every month due to many changed schedules. We are reading through the book of Romans together and 10 women participated in our last get together! It is wonderful to share this special time with the women and to eat all the goodies that they bring to share.

The men’s group gets together every Tuesday night!  They are reading and studying the book of Genesis together. They also use this time to discuss other things needs by the church or various ideas/questions. This past week they watched the Vicar Call Service live from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. I would love to tell you more, but I have a feeling that an upcoming blog might share all the goodies with you.


3. School Life: We are in the full swing at school. I guess this would be “October” if we compare our school year to the North American school year. This year has been just wonderful so far! It is a lot easier now that we can actually talk to people, we know the students’ names, and in general have a much better understanding of what is going on everyday.


4. Time Change: Last year, Chile decided to not comply with Daylight Savings Time. However, this month we decided to switch back. I never knew that a country could change time whenever they desired, but we are now in the same time zone as Ontario, Canada so I am a happy camper. The bad news is that it is dark at 7:00 when I get home from school.


5. New Family Member: I promise that we are not crazy dog people, and we do not want a 100 Dalmatians scenario going on here, BUT I do have to report that we have yet another dog. No, we do not want to keep her permanently and are trying to find a great home for her! The sappy story goes like this: We met a woman several months ago who was moving to Spain and who wanted us to take her dog. We told her that we wouldn’t be able to. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when we found this same dog curled up outside of our house in the cold. My little heart wavered and she was welcomed in. The good news is that she is so well behaved and easy to have around. Stay tuned for hopefully an upcoming post entitled “We Found a Home for Pudú!



6. New Season New Look: Fall is definitely here and has brought the much needed rain and colder temps. This is what life looks like right now for us:

During the Chilean summer it never rains. Winter rains help bring snow back to the mountains, refill the rivers and dams, and helps with pollution. 
During the cold months our entire city smells like a campground thanks to the 1,000s of operating wood burning furnaces. 
In the fall, many of our big trees get cut back to stumps. When we first arrived last year we thought this was hideous but now know it is very necessary. These trees become HUGE within the couple months of summer. 
Just like the states, the beautiful colors come out in fall. 
We are in the habit of morning and evening walks with our dogs around our neighborhood. 


And there is it! The mis-match of our lives written down.

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