When Mold Strikes – Look Up!

When Mold Strikes – Look Up!

It just happened.

I am not proud.

I just yelled at my puppies because they dared to accidentally knock over their water bowl in the kitchen … the kitchen I had just cleaned for the fourth time in the last 24 hours. One of them is still nervous to come close to me. I am a horrible momma. Maybe this scenario should be my new response to those who continuously ask me about having kids?

Now, in all seriousness. Have you ever had one of those weeks or days when you just feel like you are going to crack at any moment? Or maybe that you cracked multiple times? Or maybe you are already in broken pieces and that the only thing that would make life better is a Netflix marathon and chocolate?

This past week was by far my toughest week since setting foot in Chile.

It all began several days ago when I noticed that little black spots had sprouted on the walls and ceilings in our bedroom. Mold. And not the typical mold that many houses get here in the wet and humid climate. Nope. This mold was the fierce and indestructible kind. The kind that I could scrub for hours and hours with chlorine … so hard that I scrubbed through multiple layers of paint … and it would just come back twice as dense the next morning. This mold had moved into the walls and it was there to stay. Not only that, but it also thought it would be nice to make a home in our bathroom ceiling as well.

Now, in order for you to understand the impact of this new development in our house, you must first understand several things: 1. I LOVE to clean and find it almost impossible to work in a dirty or disorganized room. 2. We have been sick a good percentage of our time here in Chile … which could be chalked up to climate changes and allergies. However, more recently the puppies have been pretty sick as well which makes me wonder more about this mold situation. 3. This is the third major repair that our rented house has needed in the last 10 months. (think bathroom pipe replacement and roof repairs)

All of these things seem to equal = LET’S GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!!!!

Now, part of me wants to put on a brave face and tell you that this is just a large exaggeration from my usually over-worried self. This house is located in a great safe neighborhood, and I’m sure many of the houses here have this problem. I am sure the situation isn’s that bad.

The other much more realistic part of me wants to report that parts of the ceiling fall down when I hit it with a fly swatter and that even though workers were here all weekend acid-painting the mold and replacing the ceiling in the bathroom, I still cringe when I think about what lurks behind those walls.

Patience – I am out of.

Determination – it’s gone.

Positivity – is draining.

So the end of this blog is a devotion  much needed by me this week and maybe by some of you! It is from the WELS daily devotion website. I stumbled upon it earlier this week and immediately laughed at the irony of the title: Lift up your eyes since I had been “looking up” all week … just at the wrong thing. I have been so focused on the moldy side of life and not on the heavenly side.

So many parts about our move to Chile have been absolutely amazing! Other parts, like mold, have had their toll. Such is life no matter where you live!

Keep those eyes up and focused on the right thing.

Lift up Your Eyes – May 28, 2016

We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
2 Corinthians 4:18

Lift up Your Eyes

Two children decided to have a contest to see which of them could walk a straighter line through some new snow. The first child put his head down, concentrated on his feet, and began to walk forward. He thought he was doing well, but when he stopped and looked back, his line was crooked meandering.

The second child then walked a line which was arrow-straight. He explained: “I saw the cross on top of the steeple, and I just kept walking straight towards it.”

The devil likes to get us to be like the first child, to get us to look down and focus solely on the things of this life—on our career, our finances, our relationships, our pleasure (mold). And what often happens? We end up dissatisfied, for all of those things are temporary. They cannot give us the peace which we so desire.

But God CAN give us that peace because God and his love are eternal! God and his love last forever!

And so today, lift up your eyes! Focus on God and his eternal work! Focus on God and his love through Jesus! And as you walk forward, you will be walking straight towards eternal life!

O Holy Spirit, through your Word focus my attention on the eternal love of God through Jesus my Savior, that you might give me the peace which only you can give. Amen.

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