Daily Bread

Daily Bread

Friends and family, we are alive!

I apologize for not having an update for a while. The reality is that WE FOUND A NEW HOUSE! The past weeks have been filled with work, looking for a new place (read our last post to understand why we had to move and move fast), and ultimately moving.

We feel so blessed and are so happy to report that we found a beautiful house to rent for a great deal. On top of that, it is located in a safe neighborhood only five minutes away from the church!

And the blessings keep coming…

This Sunday, Ariel (our church president and Chilean dad) and his son worked with Jon to install a wood-burning stove in our new place! There is no central heating in Chile so homes are heated by either wood stoves or gas heaters. Now our house is toasty warm and Jon gets to show off his manly fire-starter skills on a daily basis. The puppies are also loving chewing on the apple wood that we just had delivered straight from the apple farms surrounding the city.

With the move came an internet change, and we have been without it for some time. But now we are back online and good to go!

We are beyond thankful for our new place and the many many friends who helped us find it, move, and get things set up. Also thanks to many of you who reached out with words of encouragement and supported us with your prayers. We truly appreciated it.

In the end, a house is a material thing, and having a nice place to live isn’t a be all end all. However, it is such a blessing and feeling of comfort to now have a safe and healthy roof over our heads.

God gives us our daily bread every day.

Sometimes it is in the form of a home, or a wood stove, or a friend in a time of need.

In His perfect timing, He gives us all that we need…. and then some. (=



2 thoughts on “Daily Bread

  1. Leah

    What good news!! We are so excited for you guys- post some pictures once you’re settled 🙂

    Josh and I moved into the new house last weekend- when you visit in July you’re welcome to visit if you can squeeze in the time!


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