John Denver Meets the Andes

John Denver Meets the Andes

Last week Sunday, Jenny and I got a Whatsapp message from Jon. It read:

“This Friday I am renting a car, and I am not telling you where we are going until we get there. That being said we are leaving around 3:30-4 am on Friday morning. You can sleep for a little bit, but you will want to be awake for the rest. Prepare to have your mind blown.” 

On Thursday of the same week we got another message from Jon:

“Things to bring tomorrow morning: 1. pillow 2. props for awesome photos 3. warm clothes 4. sun glasses 5. swimsuit optional 5. shoes for car and little exploration 6. MP3 with tons of music”

I hope the suspense is killing you because it sure killed us!

On Friday morning we hopped in the car, listened to some “Country Roads” John Denver, and headed several hours South and then East into the mountains.

And this is what we saw:

Jon timed the trip perfectly! We hit the mountains just as the sun rose and was trying to peek through the clouds. Here’s our first view of the snowy trees. 
SNOW! As we drove deeper into the mountains we hit this little snow storm in a little town. We haven’t seen this white stuff in over a year!
We had to go through this really long oneway tunnel. Slightly creepy. 
As the snow cleared we got this erie view of the “moss-trees.” 
Jon had taken us to an area in the Andes where a bunch of parks are grouped together and are surrounded by little towns. Imagine waking up to this view!
So this picture is here to showcase two things: 1. Check out the sweet coffee mug I’m holding! It was an AMAZING gift from Jenny for Jon’s Birthday. 2. Jon’s camera is so good that it shows off the dog hair on my jacket )= 
Our fearless and very very excited leader. 
Bucket List: Skateboard in the Andes. 
Living on the edge … or the boarder. One of these days we will drive through to Argentina. 
Weird but cool looking trees. These parks had so many different landscapes – it was like being in several different countries at the same time. 
A wooden cemetery in a little mountain town. 
So blessed to work and play with this cool gal! 
I wish I had a follow up picture of pure white from when this snowball hit the camera…but my aim isn’t that good. 
This picture captures Chile perfectly: Mountains, soccer, and horses. 
Kingdom Workers Professional Pic Take 1
Kingdom Workers “Professional Pic” Take 2 – Jenny followed Jon’s instructions very carefully and DID bring props (= 


We have a FANTASTIC step-by-step series of photos of Jenny falling into the snow to make snow angels. We can send them to you upon special request. 
This part of the drive was like something out of the book “Where the Wild Things Are” 
While the mountains have snow, the rest of Chile is covered in white, pink, and yellow thanks to the gorgeous flowering trees. It was strange to go from snow storm to this view in a matter of minutes. 
We were able to drive into Conguillio National Park where a volcano most recently erupted in 2008. Here’s the leftover volcanic rock. I also read that this park was used to film the BBC series “Walking with Dinosaurs.” 
So … Jenny decided to try to be artsy and spent a good minute taking pictures of feet. Thanks to her artsiness I now realize how dirty our jeans are!
There is a road that goes all the way through the park, but we could not go very far thanks to the snow that you see on those gorgeous mountains. I guess we will have to come back another time!
Volcanic ash and snow
The tops of the volcanoes were covered for the majority of the day, but this one peaked out just as we started to drive out of the park. 
And just when we thought the amazing sights were over, we were hit with this rainbow. 
And what better for the long ride home than fresh cheese from the side of the road. 

God is pretty incredible huh?

Chileans say that when God finished creating the world He took all the left over parts and made Chile out the them.

After this trip – I believe them!

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