Let’s Feast!

Let’s Feast!

We are nearing the end of September, and I’m full! – full of a lot of amazing food and wonderful times with friends.

September in Chile is known for Fiestas Patrias or the Independence Day celebration! Overall there are a lot of special activities in schools (traditional food day, traditional games day, traditional dance day), special events in towns (parades, cultural fairs), and a lot of quality time spent with family and friends over really really good food.

This year we got a taste of what it is like to celebrate Fiestas Patrias as a part of a Chilean Family! The beautiful Maria Rosa and her husband Gustavo (friends and coworkers of ours) adopted us for the weekend and invited us to be a part of their family’s 3-day Fiestas Patrias festivities.

Day 1 (Saturday): Bread & Adventure

Check out a short video of our adventures on Day 1! CLICK HERE!

Day 1 was all about bread. Here Gustavo and I are making and rolling the dough. Ok- I just rolled and patted- we all know that I can’t cook! 
Many families have a brick oven in their backyard. In this one the fire is above. When the coals and wood pieces are broken up and hot Gustavo moves them to this area below and then puts the dough in. 
Yummm… Fresh-baked bread. Don’t worry, we made some with corn flour so that I could also participate in the bread eating! (I have a gluten allergy)
Of course we couldn’t just eat bread! Here’s our table for our day 1 feast. Note the freshly blended fruit juice and of course Chilean wine!
A close-up of our meal. The sausage on the left is called Longaniza. It has such a unique and delicious flavor! I really can’t compare it to anything so you will just have to visit to try it. 
Some game-playing and relaxation in the sun. 
After some digestion time, we drove into the mountains to Puente Malcho. It was gorgeous! 
Daredevils Jenny and Maria Rosa
The beautiful Carol: Gustavo and Maria Rosa’s daughter
Proud to make it to the top of the rock!
Gorgeous blue glacier water
Drinking some Chicha (a fermented drink) out of a horn. This is a very typical tradition for Fiestas Patrias. 
Okay okay I will have some (= 

Day 2 (Sunday): Meat & Cuecha

Check out a short video of our adventures on Day 2! CLICK HERE!


After church we drove over to Longavi for day 2 of the celebration. (Maria Rosa let us use her car!) We made a quick stop to pose in front of the Hermanos Campos that stand at the entrance to Longavi.

Our view on the way to their house – WOW!
And this is what we found when we arrived…. a happy Maria Rosa and a ton of MEAT!!! 
And as if that wasn’t enough … they also had pork ribs in the oven!
Fun and laughter before the food is served. Lots of the family drove up from the city of Concepción for the weekend. 
After dinner and digestion time (of course) there was some cueca dancing!
Huaso (cowboy) Jon

Day 3 (Monday): No School & Seafood

Check out a short video of our adventures on Day 3! CLICK HERE!


Sadly, this is the only photo we have from Monday. The photographer was feeling a bit under the weather. Maybe too much food? This dish is called Curanto and it is AMAZING! Basically a bunch of seafood piled on top of the leftover meat from the day before and potatoes.


Feasts are such a huge part of our lives. We feast for weddings, family gatherings, or any significant social event really. While they might look different – time shared over a feast is something special and often offered to those you are closest to.

Feasting in Chile has made me realize three things:

  1. Chileans really know how to make some good food and throw a party!
  2. God has blessed us with some wonderful friends in Chile.
  3. If this is how good a feast on earth is … just imagine what is in store for us in heaven!

I can’t wait


“Many will come from the east and the west and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 8:11


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