Mountain Ministry

Mountain Ministry 

It is always a prayer of ours that the Lord gives us opportunities to met and to build relationships with more people. Little did we know that He would use our social media and love of the mountains to do it!

Last weekend, Jon and I spent a morning in the nearby mountains with our puppies. It was GORGEOUS with fresh snow.

During the following week, I posted several photos from our adventures to facebook like the following:

Immediately we had coworkers, church members, and facebook friends liking, commenting, and asking us about our adventures!

Jon quickly came up with the idea to rent a small bus and to invite others to do the same trip again with us. We would have a two-day holiday on Monday and Tuesday so the timing for an adventure was perfect. He organized everything and the invites went out. Soon we had a group of 13 people ready to hit the mountains together! Some were church members, others from our schools, and others people we had never met.

While Jon and I dream of holidays and free time to spend in the mountains, there is not a strong hiking culture in Chile. It was fun to help some of the others decide what to wear and bring. Many were very concerned about the mountain weather since a snowstorm was in the forecast for later that evening. However, come snow or shine, the group assembled at 7 am on Monday morning ready for a mountain adventure.

#1 The Argentina/Chile Border. 

The road winds up higher and higher until it flattens out on top of the Andes Mountains. While the official border crossing/customs is a much farther drive away, signs high in the mountains mark where the border actually is. 
Group picture in Argentina! Two group members were so excited to be out of the country for the first time! 

At the border stands a marker that says Chile on one side and Argentina on the other. There is also a cross with a small sign that reads: “Donation from a group of friends. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless all that visit this place, 2003.”

#2: Laguna del Maule

Not far from the border is a gorgeous lake formed on top of a volcanic field called Laguna del Maule. It is the beginning of the River Maule that runs about 40 mins north of our town of Linares.



#3: Mirador Monjes Blancos

After the lake we headed to a lookout over Valle de los Condores and a rock formation called the White Monks. Thanks to the storm coming in it was incredibly windy but still beautiful.

The lookout
Jon next to the White Monks


#4: La Cascada Invertida

You can easily hike at the border, or around Laguna Maule, or near the White Monks lookout, but we were on a mission to find a waterfall known for following upwards thanks to the wind. It is called the Inverted Waterfall or Rainbow Falls.

As were were searching, we stumbled on hundreds of people camping and rock climbing!

We discovered a different waterfall while in search of Cascada Invertida.


And then we finally found the Cascada Invertida, and it does actually appear to flow up!

La Cascada Invertida


Overall, God gave us a beautiful day, and we made it back to our homes before the storm hit (the wind was so strong that rain came in through cracks by our windows!).

It was wonderful to spend a day with friends new and old. Everyone loved the experience, and we got many questions about when our next adventure would be. Better yet, some of these friends, who have hiked with us before, came with our church on an outing to the beach!

God answers prayers in so many ways and always for His glory.

Check out a video of our adventure here.

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