A Chilean Christmas

A Chilean Christmas

Man, time has flown by!

Here it is already January 11th and I haven’t even sent out an update about Christmas in Linares! My excuses rest on finishing school, several visitors, and a Vacation Bible School. However, as my hubby says, “Who wants excuses…blah blah blah!”

Our Christmas season was packed with many wonderful memories and good people. On the 23rd we celebrated Jenny’s birthday party out on her patio with popcorn, ceviche, and raspberry mojitos. Sadly, we got no pictures that night, but you should know that her house was decked out with Christmas decorations and that many wonderful people came to celebrate!

We celebrated Christmas Eve with our Chilean family Gustavo, María Rosa, Carol, Antonio, and Mateo. It began with a impromptu photo shoot when María Rosa came to pick us up:

Followed by a delicious dinner as always!
Which was then followed by opening gifts and waiting till it was officially Christmas Day. As you can see, the previously mentioned Christmas photo shoot was too much for someone…

Christmas Day began with our church family. It was an extremely special event since it was held outside in the foundations of our new church building! Church President Ariel and his sons worked hard to ensure that a roof was up before the service.

Ready to worship! When one of the members saw the church set up, she began to cry tears of joy. She gave me a hug and said, “We have just been waiting for this for so long!” Please notice the BEAUTIFUL Christmas banner! It was given to the church by Jenny’s mom. The pictures below are from when members opened the gift and listened to Jenny translate the letter  from her mom into Spanish.
A Christmas morning church family picture
The service was followed with cookies, fellowship, and a Christmas play organized by Erika, the Church President’s wife.
Santa Claus even showed up after the service to hand out gifts to the youth!

Following the special Christmas Day service, we headed out to the country to celebrate a “Foreigner Christmas” with dear friends from Brazil. It was an afternoon filled with much needed rain, games, dogs, great food, and wonderful company.


Looking back at our jam-packed Christmas weekend, we are filled with so much thanksgiving for friends who have become like family, and for our Savior who came to save the world – a world that seems to get smaller and smaller with the more people that we meet. Thanking God for beautiful progress on the church building, beautiful moments with His children, and a beautiful message of hope wrapped up in the form of a little baby.

Merry (belated) Christmas from Chile!

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