Dear Friends-

We are Jon and Elise Gross, and we are excited to share the mission in Linares, Chile with you. We are hopeful that your donations and prayers will continue to help make this mission possible!

We will be spending the upcoming years in Linares, Chile teaching English and working closely with the church there. Our main focus will be supporting various church activities and bible classes. We will also focus on building relationships in our schools and in our neighborhood in order to connect others with the church and their Savior.

Your donations will help support the Chile team in numerous ways including but not limited to:

1. Supplementing our cost of living: In addition to volunteering in our congregation, we work as assistant English teachers in local schools; however, our salary from the schools does not fully cover our living expenses.

2. Spanish Courses: Becoming bilingual in Spanish is a skill that is the foundation for making connections with our Chilean brothers and sisters! Upon arriving in Chile in July of 2015, my husband and I had little or no Spanish language knowledge. Our Spanish has improved greatly since then, but we are always hopefully for opportunities for continued immersion courses.

3. Resources: Donations have been used and will continue to be used for various resources needed by the Linares congregation. Examples include: Christian literature, Bibles, financial support for the building project (a church!), financial support for social/evangelism events, etc.

4. Transportation: Our congregation is located in the city of Linares, but we teach English in the neighboring city of Longavi. Because of this we have been able to start building relationships both near and farther away. Our team has realized how many opportunities there are for outreach efforts in Longavi! However, we currently rely on public transportation. The purchase of a car would assist us in visiting prospects, hosting bible classes, having Vacation Bible School etc. in nearby towns. A car would also allow us to continue to work after the hour that public transportation stops for the night.

If you would like to donate to the Chile Mission, please click the donate link to sponsor our efforts! Your help is much appreciated whether it is monetary or through the power of prayer. THANK YOU!

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Elise and Jon

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2 thoughts on “Donate

    1. Hey Rachel, thanks so much for reaching out to us and please tell your dad hi for us! Thanks also for being willing to help us stay down here and keep this mission sustainable! The link to our updated donation page is:

      all you need to do is fill it all out and then in the comments section please write “a gift to Jon and Elise Gross’ Fund”

      This way the money will be directed specifically to our work that we are privileged to do here. Thank so much for reaching out!!

      Jon and Elise


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