We are Godparents!

We are Godparents!

Several weeks ago, Jon and I were asked to be Godparents to a beautiful little baby girl in our church! I have been meaning to write a blog about this special moment for some time now, but I have been struggling to put into words how meaningful this was for Jon and I.

JOY: My heart leaped when the mom reached out to me about the possibility of us being Godparents. The role of a Godparent is incredibly important, and we are so so so honored and touched.

THANKFULNESS: Thankful for God’s never ending love and grace. It was a beautiful moment watching little Isabella become a part of His family.

HOPE: The hope that Isabella and her parents grow forever closer to God throughout their lives. The hope that Jon and I can grow closer to Isabella’s parents as friends and as spiritual brothers and sisters.

Isabella’s baptism day was especially beautiful thanks to blue skies, many happy friends and family, and a church newly decorated for Christmas. I’m happy to share many beautiful pictures with you – they are far better than my words anyway!

Our church has a gorgeous stone baptismal fount that we dragged to the center of the front of the church.
Hearing about the blessings and promises of Baptism.
Her eyes got really big when the water hit, but she went back to sleeping adorably right away after.
The beautiful parents and their little girl!


How else to summarize but: Oh Happy Day! 

Thinking also our other beautiful little goddaughter Amelia. We can’t wait till we can see you again!


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